Colonel Lloyd Mostyn was appointed as O.C. Bicester Company L.D.V. on 20th May 1940.  At this time there was only one battalion in the county,each of the present battalions (later) was then a company of the of the County Battalion.  On May 26th General Courage called the first meeting of the LDV in Oxford for all Company, Platoon and Section Commanders.  Attending this meeting were:

Col. M Lloyd-Mostyn - Commanding Officer

Maj. AGC Fane M.C. - 2nd in Command and Adjutant

Mr.   AF Nicholson     - Commander Bicester Platoon

Capt. Sir Robert Dashwood-Bart. Commander Deddington Platoon

Capt PW Douglas R.N. - Commander Kidlington Platoon

Capt RB Ramsbotham M.B.E. - Commander Woodstock Platoon.

The Company boundary being the Bicester Police District.

2nd(Bicester) Battalion Home Guard History

Arming of the battalion took time and the following dates were key to the availability of weapons:

Jun  1940 - 100 x .303" rifles issued to the battalion but no pull-throughs

                                      (these were very difficult to obtain for some time).

July 1940 - 200 more .303" rifles issue to the battalion.

Aug 1940 - 740 American .300 rifles issued  (but the .303" rifles were

                                        withdrawn).  Some Lewis guns and B.A.R.s also received.

Nov 1940 - weapons stand as follows:-

                   5 x Vickers Guns

                   4 x Ground Lewis Guns

                 25 x Air Lewis Guns

                 60 x Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR)

               750 x Rifles

                  15 Northover Projectors

                  42 Thompson Sub-Machine Guns

Deddington Platoon:

Commanding Officer Capt. Sir Robert Dashwood-Bart
Barton Section
Major P Fleming
Deddington Section
-  Mr  AJ Morris
Ledwell  Section – Mr B Dunbar-Kilburn
North Aston Section – Capt  J Tayor
Steeple Aston Section
– Capt.  Kidd

The platoons at that time were organised as:

Bicester Platoon:

Commanding Officer - Mr. AF Nicholson 
Bicester Section – Mr H Morgan
Finmere Section – Mr E Chinnery
Fritwell Section – Mr P Hodgson
Launton Section – Mr N Patterson

and Home Front 

Living History Group

Recruiting for the LDV in the Bicester Police District began on May 15th 1940.  Volunteers giving their names to the local police.

At this time the newspapers were full of accounts of the landing of German parachutists all over Holland an Belgium: similar landings seemed likely to take place in Britain and many men joined the LDV and were expected to carry out patrols around their villages and towns.  The patrols would take place from dusk til dawn by these unpaid volunteers who would have carried out a full day's normal work.  Armed with little more than shotguns they were to shoot parachutists as they  floated down from the skies.  The men were often referred to as 'The anti-parachute army'.

Woodstock Platoon

Commanding Officer – Cpat. RB Ramsbotham
Begbroke Section – Mr W Clowser
Hanborough Section – Mr E. Boston
Stonesfield Section – Mr F Palmer
Tackley Section – MajorR Cooper
Woodstock Section – Col. A Lind

Kidlington Platoon

Commanding Officer– Capt. PW Douglas R.N.
Islip Section– Mr. A Guest
Kidlington Section – Mr J Durrant
Weston Section – Capt.  J Donald