and Home Front Living History Group (Incorporating the A.T.S.)

We are covered for up to £5.000.000 public liability for injury, or damage to property (we are not covered for injury to horses!).
We are also covered for member-to-member injury.
Our group property is covered for up to £5000 if damaged at an event. Personal effects, up to £1000.
However, there is a claims excess of £250 for property damage.
We are covered forup to 30 events per year.
We are covered for blank firing.
We are
not covered for pyrotechnic devices or Fireworks (or bows and arrows for that matter!)
If we do make a claim, we lose the no claim discount.
The policy makes it clear that we have an obligation to take reasonable steps to prevent injury or damage and to make sure our displays and equipment are safe (see below).
No member of the public should be allowed to handle any edged weapons.
No member of the public should be allowed to handle a gas mask/respirator.
Members of the public should only handle equipment under close supervision and children should only handle equipment that is safe and when a parent/guardian is present.
Firearms using blanks must not be discharged in the direction of the public unless at least 20 metres away and should only be used with permission of the event organisers.
Members of the public must not be allowed onto vehicles unless supervised by the owner.
Please note - this cover is for our members at agreed events only. 
It does not include non-member family / friends or other re-enactors. 
Only our members are allowed take part in our displays.

Note - any requests for us to attend an event, must first be cleared by the events co-ordinator (John H.) before being agreed.

Oxfordshire Home Guard Events - Insurance Details

Bicester Platoon (2nd Battalion)

Meetings at: 

Bicester Airfield or Launton Church Hall

Ring :  Pete on 07804 501930

Woodcote Platoon (5th Battalion)

Meetings at:

Wallingford Heritage Railway Station


Ring: Mike on 07780 360455

All members must familiarise themselves with the policy as shown below: